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Best Off-road Electric Skateboards in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

BajaBoard G4X Off-road Electric Skateboard

BajaBoard G4X Off-road Electric Skateboard

Yecoo GT3 OFF-ROAD 2-in-1 Electric Skateboard

Yecoo GT3 OFF-ROAD 2-in-1 Electric Skateboard

Backfire Ranger X2 Off-Road Longboard Skateboard

Backfire Ranger X2 Off-Road Longboard Skateboard


You May Need An All-terrain Electric Skateboard

If you are a passionate skateboarder or a pro, I am sure you have already got to know how to find a very maneuverable motorized electric skateboard, which is also built for range, reliability, and speed. However, if you encounter a rugged road, you might need an all-terrain electric skateboard to reduce seisesthesia and switch freely between urban mode and cross-country mode. In this article, I will take a look at all the latest and most trustworthy off-road electric skateboards. Unlike normal electric skateboards, these "beasts" can ride any surface. Many of them are hybrids and do well on smooth and rough surfaces. Here is my list of the best all-terrain (off-road) electric skateboards on the market. 

The 10 Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

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Bajaboard G4X electric skateboard is the king of all-terrain electronic boards. It's not just a "big skateboard tire" like everything else on the market. The G4X is designed from the ground up as an off-road vehicle - you just happen to be standing on it.

BajaBoard G4X is the beast on the uphill. There are few, if any, electronic skateboards on the market that can keep up with a board when going uphill. It has enough torque, great speed, and powerful battery capacity to boost your slope up to 45%. In addition, you can ride the board on all terrains. It can be adapted to any terrain with its alloy chassis, rugged independent twin transverse arms and pre-loaded 55mm stroke shock absorbers. With this electronic skateboard, you don't have to limit yourself to flat asphalt road. 

Not only does the Bajaboard G4X electric skateboard have tremendous power output, but the incredible traction provided by the stand-alone four-wheel drive will also plow you through tall grass, mud, and sand. With on-board traction control and an electronic differential, you'll always be in control.

The G4X has four motors (one drive per wheel) and can accelerate you from zero to 50kph in under three seconds. If you set up the electronic board for a comfortable ride (soft damper) and better control (smaller turning radius), you should not exceed 21mph / 35km/h for your own safety. With this special setup, the circuit board becomes unstable at high speeds.

In general, the front motor can be turned off during cruise to save battery. The G4X has built-in traction control and an electronic differential that you can disable. The G4X is no slouch when it comes to the range - a 180-190 pound rider can go more than 30 kilometers on a single charge.

RANGE - Up to 18 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain, and riding style.                             

TOP SPEED - Approximately 37 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage, and terrain.                             

HILLS - Up to 45 percent gradient.                             

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces)                                            


Power output massive with4 Brushless Motors (one per wheel) and 900Wh Li-ion battery

Hill climb up to 45% grade

Top speed up to 37 mph           


Too much heavy and expensive

Can not be returned after being ridden

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Evolve is professional in producing all-terrain electric skateboard with its exquisite technology. They took the true longboard to feel. The wide wheelbase and natural wooden deck with stripes on both sides make bamboo models so popular. With 3000W of dual brushless motor power, the new GTR remote features a patent-pending R-2 remote. Bluetooth control, instant trigger response, and engraving truck system stability while enabling tight engraving. 

The remote has an ergonomic design with rubber over moulds for ultimate hand comfort. And magnetic trigger control for smoothest acceleration and braking sensation. On flat ground, it is perfectly possible to reach the advertised 30 mile range even in GTR mode. 

The electronic equipment housing is divided into two parts: the ESC housing and the battery pack and BMS housing. You can remove one or the other quite easily simply by removing the screws from the top. Each enclosure is treated for dust and water resistance, but Evolve would not say what the grade is. On the other hand, you can believe that the Bamboo GTR is an unbeatable blend of performance and traditional longboard style, with an effortlessly low-key package that is guaranteed to attract attention, and envy. 

Switch to the 7-inch pneumatic all-terrain wheel, and the Bamboo GTR series makes it easy to take the path you know and beg to find those you don't. As for the terrain that bamboo GTR can overcome, any hard or compact surface (e.g., asphalt, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces) is the key to bamboo GTR. 

Riding an electric skateboard is just as enjoyable an activity as any other leisure sport. That's the bottom line. If your only concern is speed, and if you hate belt drives, this is not your board. 

RANGE - Up to 19 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.                             

TOP SPEED - Approximately 22 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.                             

HILLS - Up to 25 percent gradient in GTR mode.                             

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces)                             

REMOTE - Patent pending R-2 Remote, Bluetooth control, instant trigger response                 


25% gradient hill climbing power beats inclines with ease

Works ideally on all terrains and streets

Dual 1500 watt (3000 watt total) high performance custom made brushless out-runner motors            


Very expensive

Weighs up to 24.9 lbs

Long charging time for 4-5 hours

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Yecoo's new board is still featured with all-terrain advantages. The Yecoo GT3 all-terrain (off-road) electric skateboard is called an urban off-road monster because it has two different wheels to switch between, allowing skateboarders to switch between urban and off-road roads to adapt to all-terrain. 

90mm PU upgraded wheels are suitable for the flat road surface, and 6-inch off-road wheels are suitable for the dirt road, grass, mountain road, and mountain road. The Yecoo GTS's 6-inch off-road wheels are made of non-inflatable silicone tires. The soft silicone material feels very comfortable on the bike, without the worry of puncture and repair. A wheel change can be done in two minutes.

To provide a better riding experience, the split battery case uses the 10S4P Samsung 8.8Ah and Sanyo 14Ah capacity to provide enough powerful power. It allows you to reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour and gives you lightning acceleration. As with any terrific all-terrain electric skateboard, motors are the key to high performance. Belt noise impact is huge, compared with other motor noise is much smaller. 

The Yecoo GT3 uses a dual-belt motor with a rated power of 350W. You'll be able to climb hills with a 30% gradient. Historically, belt-driven motors provide higher power. The remote control has a display that displays all standard information such as the board and remote battery, odometer, stroke length, current speed, ride mode, speed mode, astern and cruise control.

For some off-road enthusiasts, the GT3 is the perfect choice for them to switch freely between city mode and off-road mode. It can provide up to 2000 watts of power, giving you a new and unforgettable cycling experience. This GT3 electric skateboard uses an upgraded ESC and provides a smooth braking system that brings you to a complete stop while slowing down.           

Deck - all bamboo + glass fiber, strong, and flexible. Maxload is 330 lbs            

20%~30% grade hill climbing            

Top speed reaches 25mph with 2000watts power            

90mm PU wheels and 6-inches rubber wheels arbitrary switch, mountain and city can be smoothly            

Range 15-22miles (24-35km)            


10S4P battery structure, large battery capacity, long battery life 

New upgraded ESC and motor, smoother start and brake

Waterproof - controller box and battery box are fully sealed

Built-in nut for easy removal of battery box and controller box


Weighs up to 22 lbs

The length, which is about 39 inches – It seems to be too large for some skateboard users.

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Backfire Ranger X2 All-Terrain Longboard Skateboard should also be included in your list of options if you want a dependable electric board you can buy. This Backfire Ranger X2 electric skateboard longboard can give you a lot of power in just one product considering the fact that it utilizes the 1200W X2 ultra-high power ultra-high torque hub motors technology. It is also a skateboard, which delivers a 15-mile range or distance with just one charge. The range is based on a normal person riding conservatively (slow/eco mode) on relatively smooth and flat terrain with minimal wind. 

Actual mileage varies depending on rider weight, riding surface, hills, wind, and most importantly riding habits. To achieve maximum mileage kick to start, accelerate slowly, coast when possible, brake lightly, and ride below max speed. Going slower means going further. Use slow/eco mode to achieve the longest possible range. It is also popular for its ability to handle a maximum speed of 22 miles range per hour.

The 12S, 50.4V battery is also worth mentioning as it operates at much lower temperatures than previous models. This means that the energy saved can generate more power and provide a greater range for the board.  You'll get a range of 16 to 18.5 miles with a top speed of 22 MPH. The hill climbing is up to 30%. It takes about five hours to recharge. Given the power of the motor system, it makes sense this time. It's also an hour shorter than the X1. 

The Ranger X2 combines the best qualities of other electric skateboards and takes them off-road. The Ranger X2's grunty 1200W X2 ultra-high torque hub motors, fed by high performance 50.4 454Wh batteries, boasts enough torque to boost you up hills, and thanks to the Ranger X2's smooth and reliable regenerative braking you'll be able to come right back down and charge your battery in the process. With Backfire Ranger X2 All-Terrain Longboard your off-road adventure awaits.

Max Speed: 22 mph / 35 kmh

Battery Charge Time: 2 hours

Motor: 1200W X2 ultra-high torque hub motors

Range: 15 miles / 24 km


BUILT TO LAST - With its electronics encased in a compact die-cast aluminum battery box the B-series keeps critical components cool and safe.

LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY - Feel more down to earth as you float along just above it.


Not so lightweight, can not take it anywhere

The price tag is $1199, kind of dear

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For those who need powerful boards that can handle the streets and all types of terrain, the Ownboard Bamboo AT (39”) electric longboard skateboard is definitely for them. It is powerful in the sense that it has 1500 Watt*2 electricity board power. It also seems like a smooth and effective electric scooter as it's possible to use it on the streets and on all terrains.

It is also among those electric skateboards known for its top speeds as it can handle up to 24 miles per hour. The skateboard also takes pride in its max 19 miles range, giving it the capacity to tackle even the roughest of terrains. It utilizes a 150 mm Honeycomb tire with solid rubber ( elastic All-Terrain) or 120mm GT Cloudwheels with a damping foam core that perfectly suits any terrain - short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths. The whole skateboard also excels in terms of flexibility, performance, and power due to its fiberglass bamboo Canada maple. As for its max weight capacity, take note that it can accommodate users up to 220 lbs. However, it takes longer to charge at 4 to 5 hours.

The Ownboard Bamboo AT/GT offers 3 riding modes. Use “Beginner” mode for easy control and a safe top speed, perfect for beginners and first-time users. Once you get the hang of things, switch to “Middle” mode for a relaxed ride and an unparalleled range. Try “Proficient” mode to whizz past traffic and turn your commute into your daily adrenaline rush hour. What is more, the ability to climb hills of up to 30% gradient! To top it all off, you can see this performance from Ownboard Skateboards: The all-new Bamboo AT/GT.

RANGE - Up to 30 km / 19 miles (GT can Up to 42km). Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.

TOP SPEED - Approximately 24mph (38 km/h). This may vary depending on rider weight and terrain

HILLS - Up to 30 percent gradient.

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces).

REMOTE - Ergonomic Hobbywing Remote with 3 speed modes, 2.4G wireless.

BRAKING - Regenerative Braking, perfect control experience for you.

TRUCKSForged 306 mm / 12 Inch width with double King Pin.

WHEELS- AT: 6 Inches / 150 mm Honeycomb Tire with solid rubber ( elastic All-Terrain) or 7  Inches / 175 mm  All-Terrain  Inflatable wheel  GT: 120mm Cloudwheels with damping foamies core. You can mix and match whatever wheels you want.


Smooth and easy braking, as well as high-quality dual belt driving system

Hill grade as it is at 30%

Works ideally on all terrains and street

Flexible with the aid of its bamboo deck


Takes longer to charge at 4 to 6 hours

Shorter range than the AT1W, only 19miles

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Evolve Carbon GTR outshines other all-terrain electric skateboards on the market. Any hard terrain or compact surfaces such as tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces is a piece of cake for the Carbon GTR skateboard to get through.

The beautifully designed GTR Carbon Fiber deck with built-in electrics has a precise low-profile look and feel, allowing fantastic control and stability when riding. With an unrivaled top speed of 26mph in Street setup, corners will turn into apexes, open stretches into runways, and wide open paths will make your list of favorite powder runs. 

The dual-induction brushless motors combine to push 3000w of power to the ground through Evolves all new GTR Series wheel, which has great grip, softness, and durability. Switch to the All-Terrain wheels and it not only takes that performance down the road less traveled, but it also blazes a new path all of its own.

Its powerful lithium battery gives a range of up to 22 miles per charge, turning any road or path into the endless powder run of your dreams! It will come alive when ridden on pretty much any terrain. From cruising the beach footpath to shortcuts across huge fields - the GTR Carbon All Terrain eats the terrain you’d usually avoid for breakfast. Gravel tracks will become rally stages and that group of grassy hills will morph into a never-ending set of rolling surf breaks just begging for your endless carve. This board is so amazing that with its ruggedness and stability, you will feel nothing when off-road riding.

Key Features:

TOP SPEED - Approximately 22 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.

HILLS - Up to 25 percent gradient in GTR mode.

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces)

REMOTE - Patent pending R-2 Remote, Bluetooth control, instant trigger response

RANGE - Up to 19 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.


25% gradient hill climbing power beats inclines with ease

Works ideally on all terrains and streets

The beautifully designed GTR Carbon Fiber deck with built in electrics has a precise low profile look and feel, allowing fantastic control and stability when riding


Very expensive

Weighs up to 23.5 lbs

Long charging time for 4-5 hours

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You will also not be disappointed if you choose this all-terrain skateboard - Vestar Black Hawk 2in1 electric skateboard. It is comparable to a fast penny board as it is equipped. The Vestar Black Hawk is available with Street wheels, all-terrain wheels, and 2-in-1. The board is fitted with a unique, Vestar design motor holder with a belt tension adjustment function. The brakes are solid. The 4000 Watt motor helps the Black Hawk to hit an impressive top speed of around 27 mph. Accordingly, you have an assurance of the range up to 32miles. It also boasts of its high hill grade of up to 30%.

The remarkable feature of this skateboard is its extremely durable 6.5-in explosion-proof rubber wheels, and they offer 2 colors to choose from, you can choose one color on your board and you can choose two colors also just as you like. Very cool if your board has two different colors! With its exceptionally big rubber tires, this thing will take you through any type of terrain with perfect ease. Furthermore, the material of the wheels is the same as car tires, which are born for overcoming hard terrains. Combine these rubber tires with built-in damper masses and you'll begin to understand why this is a great all-terrain electric skateboard.

The AT board uses a customized double-layer truck with a unique motor holder and belt case which are designed by themselves. The motor holder has a belt tension adjustment function. You can adjust the belt by yourself. The belt case is designed very flexibly, it can be suitable for many sizes pully from 12T to 15T. 

Each Vestarboard has been treated with Basic waterproof treatment both inside and outside. Normally it could resist the splash of daily life.

Note: However, you should avoid water intake at the power button and charging port.

 38'' Dual Motor 2*2000W Belt-Drive All-terrain (with adjustable belt tension)            

 The AT deck uses 2 Ply Bamboo and 7-Ply maple which is more flexible and stronger                    

 6.5" All Terrain Explosion-proof Tire            

 27 MPH            

 30% Incline Rate            


Powerful motor

32miles range and 27mph speed



Not that suitable for professional skateboarding

A little bit expensive

What Are Your Biggest Concerns About All-terrain Electric Skateboards?

Do you dream of exploring the woods on an electric skateboard, unhindered by bumps in the road? Or maybe you want to speed along the beach on a clear day, knowing that your electric skateboard is safe? If you want to ride outside of city roads, you want an off-road electric skateboard. In order to purchase the best board for you, you need to consider and know at least a few questions.

What are the advantages of all-terrain (off-road) electric skateboards?

As the name suggests, all-terrain skateboards can cross-country, providing you with more riding options. They won't confine you to the city. You can go skateboarding in the country. Obviously, you can ride on rough asphalt, but you can also ride on gravel, dirt, grass, beach, even forest roads. Imagine riding a mountain bike through a forest trail. Now, you can replace the electric skateboard. Does surfing in the woods and mountains sound great? It's fun to go down the mountain with a skateboard. With mountain skateboarding, you can skate all year round! 

How much is an all-terrain electric skateboard?

Usually, the price of all-terrain electric skateboards is more than $600. The $600-800 electric skateboards are generally entry-level. If you are a novice, you can choose the entry-level all-terrain electric skateboard? 

How to choose an all-terrain electric longboard?

If you are going to buy your first electric skateboard, I know what you are struggling with. Completely confused with different types of motors, speed, range, plate length, wheels, batteries, and other specifications. 

The first thing you have to think about is which way you are going. If you only drive on flat roads and trails, you will look for street Pu wheels - they are smooth wheels. If you live near an unsatisfactory road, you can consider using automatic wheels or hybrid cars. It is also important to consider the type of motor used in the electric skateboard. Hub motor and belt driver are two main types. 

The deck of the skateboard is an important part of the electric skateboard because it will determine your riding comfort. Last but not least, let us talk about norms. The two main concerns are maximum speed and range. Both companies will note on their websites that when you look for it, you must see which all-terrain (off-road) electric skateboards are best for you. 

How to ride an all-terrain electric skateboard safely?

Be sure to wear a helmet; Other protective equipment (gloves, knee and elbow pads, good shoes) is strongly recommended; Do you know your way; Practice mastering the mainboard brake; Train emergency braking technology and "correct use"; Make sure the battery is charged (and the remote control); Make sure someone sees you – (night = light time); Don't exceed your skill level. 

Is there any maintenance required with all-terrain (off-road) e-skateboards?

It is important to maintain your electric skateboard regularly. This improves the quality and service life of the parts. 

It's important to clean your electric skateboard after every ride. Clean the electric slide with a damp cloth to prevent water or dirt from entering the electronic components. After that, wipe the board with a dry cloth. 

In addition, regular maintenance of bearings. You can do this with special care oils. This oil is specially developed for bearing maintenance to ensure a long bearing life. When the bearing is damaged by water, you will hear the scraping sound of the wheel bearing. 

Be sure to connect the charger to the electric skateboard before inserting it into a wall outlet. Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. If you don't use your electric skateboard for a while, be sure to charge the battery at least once a month. 

Make sure no water enters the engine while cleaning the wheel/ motor. It is also important to keep water, sand or stones out of the engine. 

Finally, check and adjust bolts and screws regularly. Because driving releases a lot of vibration. Using the T-tool, you can check, tighten and adjust the most important bolts (truck and wheels). 

Is an all-terrain (off-road) electric skateboard good choice for a beginner?

When it comes to electric skateboarding, it is certainly welcome for those who have previous experience and are used to pushing their limits. But as a beginner, you can buy yourself a generic substitute to cut down on basic skills like balance. It doesn't seem to fit perfectly in theory, but that's fine. Because most of the electric skateboards on the market now have low initial speed values. As long as you can keep your balance standing on the board, it's easy to start your journey. 

Also, you need to be aware that electric skateboards tend to be very expensive. It is highly recommended to try out the whole point of skating before you invest a lot of money in gadgets that you may rarely use. So if you're a feeler for electric skateboarding, I suggest you choose carefully. Here's a list of the cheapest electric skateboards that might help you. 

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Skateboards, electronics and water do not like each other very much. At least, from the skateboard's point of view, it repels water. 

It's kind of bad because, you know, electric skateboards are a lot of fun to ride, but unfortunately, a wet day can quickly kill any intention of taking it out for a ride. Sometimes the outdoor humidity is annoying, which severely limits how often we skateboarders can use our boards. 

Water can cause bearings to age from the inside out, belts can lose cohesion and begin to delaminate, wooden decks can warp and break, truck bolts rust, electronics corrode and sometimes even short-circuit. 

In fact, many off-the-shelf electric skateboards aren't completely waterproof, but they're somewhat waterproof. However, some electric skateboards have different levels of water resistance. 

IP rating or entry protection code ranks products against dust and liquids. Basically, the IP rating works like this: The first number evaluates the dust-proof ability of an electric skateboard on a scale of 0 to 6. 0 is the lowest level, 6 is the highest dustproof level; the second number evaluates the waterproof performance of the electric skateboard on a scale from 0 to 6. Here, too, 0 is the lowest grade and 6 is the most waterproof. 

Waterproof skateboards basically prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas, such as the battery or ESC compartment, but are not completely waterproof. This means they can ride in light rain, slightly wet surfaces or shallow puddles, but this is a risk and not strongly recommended. Ip65-rated electric skateboards, on the other hand, are very impermeable to water, and their component compartments are designed to resist all moisture, while exposed parts such as trucks, decks, and wheels are designed to be waterproof without rusting, warping, or grabbing. This means they will probably be able to ride in small puddles, but heavy rain or beach cycling is not their strong suit. 

What's the difference between regular and off-road electric skateboard?

Off-road or all-terrain skateboards are usually built with more power and durability in mind. 

The main difference, however, is in the wheels. The wheels of regular electric skateboards are mostly PU wheels, which are more suitable for riding on flat roads. To traverse difficult terrains like grass, dirt and gravel, off-road wheels need more and hopefully equipped with pneumatic tires. 

The good news is that some boards like the Yecoo GT3 electric skateboard etc have an interchangeable wheel set so you can get the best of both worlds. 

Can I rely on the smartphone app for applying the controls?

No, because it's not necessary. The simplest answer is - only when absolutely necessary when your remote control stops working. 

Each electric skateboard comes with a handheld remote control that accelerates and brakes the electric skateboard when the corresponding button is pressed. There's a reason these remotes are made by companies: They're supposed to be the only devices that control electric skateboards. 

Smartphone apps can crash or slow down easily, so they're far less reliable than dedicated remote controls.