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Best Cheap Electric Skateboards in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Ownboard Mini KT (30

Ownboard Mini KT (30") - Electric Skateboard

Meepo Classic (LongBoard) Electric Skateboard

Meepo Classic (LongBoard) Electric Skateboard

Yecoo MT (Mini Board) Electric Skateboard

Yecoo MT (Mini Board) Electric Skateboard


For most electric skateboarders, a good electric skateboard is not about its price, but about its performance and feeling while riding. In addition, everyone will have their own budget before choosing an electric skateboard, because in terms of the price of skateboards, the variety of skateboards on the market, the price and performance are ragged, and different brands of skateboards, Its focused performance is not the same, some focus on portable, some pay attention to speed, and some care about the cruising range, so when choosing a skateboard, you are likely to spend a very expensive price but bought an unsatisfied skateboard, or fancy a skateboard but the price is beyond your budget. Therefore, you need to learning the following 10 best budget electric skateboards on the current market.

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This 30 inches mini e-board is driven by 250W dual brushless hub-motor with FOC ESC which is the most stable ESC in an electric skateboard with waterproof and shockproof frame.  The professional durst-proof and waterproof ball bearings out of ceramic material ensure an unopposed sliding, even when you are driving on high speed for a longer time.  2.4G Wireless Remote provides 3-speed modes available for different top speeds. Its ergonomic design with soft touch and power reminder ensures that the eBoard accelerates and brakes smoothly. The kicktail shape deck is made of 8-layers maple for more stable and faster speed, the top speed can up to 25 mph.

The highly rated Samsung 30Q battery with a max. double discharge rate of 30A (compared to LG 6.4 Ah which only has 20A).  This reduces the  voltage sag and allows the electric skateboard to keep going on high speeds even when the battery power is low. Expensive compared to SANYO, Samsung 30Q is the best choice.  And the board adds the Power Display function to easily check the battery level of your electric board on the lateral frame. Still, the price is not so expensive with just $377 on sale.

250W Dual Brushless Hub-Motor, 90*54 mm, with 85A highly elastic PU-Wheels

8-Layers Maple, 30*9.45 inches, with a kicktail, Stable designed

3-speed modes available for different top speeds.


You can easily check the battery level of your electric board on the lateral frame.

The battery will be recharged while braking or riding downhill so that your electric board restores some energy and expand your range  for a longer ride.


Not suitable for expert

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Meepo Classic is the perfect board for you if you would like to get a comfortable board that is fun to ride. Thanks to drop through with rocker deck, your shoes are 90 mm from the ground. The board is easy to control and you will feel safe and comfortable also when cruising at high speeds. Eskating is more fun than ever with this board. About Meepo, they care about the riding experience, and are determined to create and build great electric skateboards. They are driven by passion and the love of e-skateboarding. All Meepo boards are carefully handmade, with the desire to provide its future owners with a high-quality product. 

For the detail specification of the Meepo Classic, the  38″ length and 9″ width deck is made of 9 layers maple drop through with rocker double concave. The customized Hobbywing ESC, shredder trucks and powerful 800 watts power provided 25 mph/ 40 kmh top speed with 11 miles/ 17.7 km  cruising range. Regenerative braking and smooth responsive throttle remote with 3 speed modes give you different experience.

9 Layers Maple Drop Through With Rocker Double Concave

Top Speed up to 25 mph/ 40 kmh

Range up to 11 miles/ 17.7 km


Super High Rebound 90 mm X 55 mm 82A motor

Smooth responsive throttle remote

        Customized Hobbywing ESC


2 Hours charing time

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Yecoo MT min electric skateboard is 33.5 inches in length. Yecoo is super cheap but the boards do not disappoint also. 

Speaking of speed, it should say the yecoo MT mini electric skateboard is powered by a 540W dual brushless hub motor. Believe it or not, Yecoo can reach 25 MPH depending on the terrain.

Of course, electric skateboards use batteries for power, as did Yecoo MT. In this case, the Sanyo lithium battery has a capacity of 7Ah and a range of 15 miles. The system also uses regenerative charging, which can improve autonomy and allow you to ride for longer periods.

As we said, the yecoo MT Skateboard is on the smaller side. Weighing 17.6 pounds, it offers top-notch portability and convenience. Priced at just $499, the Yecoo MT is undoubtedly a super budget electric skateboard.

Yecoo Skateboards is an innovative company that combined 8 layers maple when they built the deck for yecoo MT board. Therefore, this high-tech skateboard has excellent maneuverability.

RANGE - Up to 15 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.                 

TOP SPEED - Approximately 25 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.                 

HILLS - Up to 30 percent.                 

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces)                 

REMOTE - Patent pending R-2 Remote, Bluetooth control, instant trigger response                 


Exquisite handling

Powerful motor by a 540W dual brushless motor


Weighing 17.6 pounds

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The  300W 90mm (3.54inch) dual  diameter hub motor ,the German FAG bearing(the best bearing in the world), the PU solid tire, the 8-layer maple deck, 6.0mAh Battery, 38.2 inches length, All these parameters are the configuration of common electric skateboards currently on the market. But, when you rotate the motor, the Teemo board can turn on the power switch automatically so that it doesn't have to bend down to press the switch.     

Double drive sine waves make the ride smooth, regenerative brake recover braking energy and reduce energy consumption. 2.4G RF technology of Wireless remote control, the board moves with the remote, whether or not there is anything. So when you come down the board, you should turn off the remote to avoid injuries and accidents. In addition, the cruising range can up to 12 to 15.6 miles (20-25km) with the top speed of 23.6 MPH (38km/h), and the maximum Angle of climb is 25 to 30 degree. The prince is $469.00.

Cruising range up to 12 to 15.6 miles (20-25km)

300W Dual motor

The maximum Angle of climb is 25 to 30 °


Beautiful 8-layer maple deck

2.4G RF Technology of wireless remote control


Charging time is 2 hours

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Teamgee H8 has a good looking and different design than the original one. Overall everything the deck it feels super premium and the trucks everything looks cool.The charger is pretty small front like for an electric skateboard. It’s way more silent and it’s really nice because people might not even recognize that you are even riding an electric skateboard. When riding it the acceleration is super smooth and really nice so that is a good thing and it rides really nicely. When riding the board’s acceleration is super nice and comfortable in the beginner and pro mode both are working really well. This is super good and gives you a comfortable ride so you don’t have to think about falling off the board or anything when accelerating. Through the hand through trucks on the board and also no spaces the sport is super low to the ground and with the nice trucks this has a super nice handling ache and you can turn easily which I really like it also stays very stable at high speeds even if you have trucks very loose this is good and a little different to the boosters briquette board because that one gets unstable a little faster. 

Teamgee hides a high-performance battery inside the deck, which makes it look like a regular longboard and giving it a strong durability, allowing it to bend and flex like a regular longboard, 1.2 cm (0.5inch) thickness is currently the thinnest E-skateboard. With its intuitive ergonomic wireless remote control, Cruising mode, 3 speed settings(Low:0-9MPH, Middle:0-13MPH,High:0-15MPH), Battery display, allowing you to find the perfect speed and slow down right when you need to. Only 11.6lbs, throw away the bulky boosted board. H8 electric board reach speeds up to 15mph, and 15 angle hill climbing. High-performance battery charging only need 2 hours.The Teamgee H8 deck is built from 10 ply Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass, offers a medium flex for a smooth ride, and load up to<160 lbs. It’s also not so expensive with $349.89 that anyone can affordable.        

3-speed modes available for different top speeds

10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control

Max load up to 160 lbs


Thinnest E-skateboard

Easy to carry for only 11.6lbs


Onle 8 miles riding range

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It’s everything you know and love about a skateboard reimagined for the digital age. Designed for comfort, precision-control, and performance, SwagBoard is lightweight and gives you a smooth ride at the touch of a button. Kick off, hit the throttle, and get a riding experience with real swag. The SwagBoard boosted electric skateboard takes skateboarding to the next level. Whether you’re shredding skate parks or cruising the town, this e-skateboard is ready to roll. After charging in just 3 hours, it's ready to travel up to 10 miles with a max speed of 11 mph. This motorized skateboard uses a UL2272 certified 24V LPF battery that features patented SentryShield technology. SentryShield means extra security and multilayered battery protection that exceeds all current battery safety requirements.

Even more surprising is that the original price is only $249.99, and the price of the promotion even reaches only $159.99.

24V LI-ON FE BATTERY – Allows the boosted board to go up to 11 MPH and up to 10 miles on a single charge

WIRELESS LED REMOTE – Controls speed, braking, and cruise control and shows speed and battery status

DURABLE POLYURETHANE WHEELS – Durable, shock-absorbing wheels provide an unbelievably smooth riding experience

MAPLE WOOD DECK & PREMIUM GRIP TAPE – Allows riders to have more traction while riding this motorized skateboard


Lightweight for carry with 9.5 lbs

Beautiful 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck


Only 10 miles of cruising range

The top speed is 11 MPH

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Like Backfire’s predecessor G2s, G2t also features a similar unique design. Galaxy G2t' Deck is made of 8 layers of Hard Rock Maple. This make it flexible yet solid, forged into slightly curved shape, it absorbs most of the shocking during riding. And with the specially designed concave surface, the board provides great support to your feet when you are riding and turning. With the world-famous Caliber II truck as the front truck, Galaxy G2t now gives you extraordinary carving experience and improved stability in high speed riding. The rear truck is also specially crafted, it is surprisingly sturdy, no risk of breaking. Inspired by sport cars, Galaxy G2t is designed to have a low center of gravity(110mm with 83mm wheels) and a 275mm wide wheel span(compared to Galaxy G2s' 260mm), this provides extra stability, especially during high speed riding, even at the of 38km/h, the board is still very stable. Now high speed riding is easy and comfortable.The price is $599.00.     

Four 83mm wheels + Four 96mm wheels

Cruising range is up to 14.9miles or 24km


Super Flexible Curve Deck

Caliber II 50-DEGREE Truck

Low Center of Gravity Design


Poor Power

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Yecoo's new skateboard - GT3, is a budget electric skateboard that still has all-terrain advantages. The Yecoo GT3 all-terrain electric skateboard is called an urban off-road monster because it has two different wheels to switch between, allowing skateboarders to switch between urban and off-road roads to adapt to all-terrain. 90mm PU upgraded wheels are suitable for the flat road surface, and 6-inch off-road wheels are suitable for the dirt road, grass, mountain road, and mountain road. The Yecoo GTS's 6-inch off-road wheels are made of non-inflatable silicone tires. The soft silicone material feels very comfortable on the bike, without the worry of puncture and repair. A wheel change can be done in two minutes.        

To provide a better riding experience, the split battery case uses the 10S4P Samsung 8.8Ah and Sanyo 14Ah capacity to provide enough powerful power. Allows you to reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour and gives you lightning acceleration.        

For some off-road enthusiasts, the GT3 is the perfect choice for them to switch freely between city mode and off-road mode. It can provide up to 2000 watts of power, giving you a new and unforgettable cycling experience. This GT3 electric skateboard uses an upgraded ESC and provides a smooth braking system that brings you to a complete stop while slowing down.        


Deck - all bamboo + glass fiber, strong, and flexible. Maxload is 330 lbs            

20%~30% grade hill climbing            

Top speed reaches 25mph with 2000watts power            

90mm PU wheels and 6-inches rubber wheels arbitrary switch, mountain and city can be smoothly            

Range 15-22miles (24-35km)            


10S4P battery structure, large battery capacity, long battery life 

New upgraded ESC and motor, smoother start and brake

Waterproof - controller box and battery box are fully sealed

Built-in nut for easy removal of battery box and controller box


Weighs up to 22 lbs

The length, which is about 39 inches – It seems to be too large for some skateboard users

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WowGo always insists on using the best quality battery cells. All the 3 kind of battery cells are all imported from the world-class well-known battery brands-Samsung, Panasonic and Sanyo. The WowGo 2s has an significantly improved battery (Double discharge rate than Samsung 22P cells) which allows you to maintain high speeds, even as your battery is running low. The top speed for the powerful Samsung battery can up to 10-12 miles(16-19.3 km),  the Panasonic 6.4 Ah Battery provide 12.5-14 miles(20.5-22.5 km top speed  and Sanyo 8.5 Ah Battery has 15.5-19 miles (25-30 km)top speed. Upgrade ESC maybe the most stable mainboard for electric skateboard.  

All PCB electronic components are covered and protected by special solid glue to prevent damage caused by water, dust, and shock. 38*9.05 inches concave and convex deck gives you comfortable riding feeling, which is made of  2 layers bamboo+6 layers of maple. Flex designed Max load up to 330 pounds (150 kg),and recommending riding weight is 264 pounds and below. Finally, The battery and ESC enclosures are all metal material and they are super durable which solves the crack problem of plastic enclosures. All metal enclosures have much better heat dissipation than plastic enclosures, which is very important for the mainboard / ESC(Electric Skateboard Control). It's still a budget electric skateboard.

3 speed modes and the fast speed up to 38km/h

2 layers bamboo+6 layers of maple. 38*9.05 inches

Range up to 15.5 -19 miles (25-30 km)


Ergonomic design. Excellent soft touch New PCB

Zealous bearing. World-class well-known bearing brand.

Upgraded the urethane around the motor and it's proved to be very durable.


2-3 Hours charing time

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The SkullBoard adds the option of a highly rated Samsung battery. The powerful lithium cells have a maximum double discharge rate of 30A. Voltage sag is reduced,which allows the board to keep going on high speeds even when the battery power is low.  700W dual brushless hub-motor, 105mm big rubber wheels allows comfortable and faster riding experience. Dual in-wheel brushless hub motors power the SkullBoard for a whisper-quiet, no-maintenance ride that you can still kick push when you run out of battery.    

The new design of the Electric speed controller now allows for a maximum speed of up to 25mph(40km/h). With its exceptionally big rubber tires this thing will take you through any type of terrain with perfect ease. Combine these rubber tires with built in damper masses and you’ll begin to understand why this is a great all terrain electric skateboard.Design to upgrade your riding feel. A solid metal case protects the internals from getting damaged and makes the electric skateboard waterproof.  New Ceramic Bearings allow for high speeds, are dustproof, and more resistant to wear and tear. The lifecycle is 3 times longer than conventional bearings. The price is $599.00.

105mm Rubber Wheels

3 Ride Modes with top speed up to 24.9 MPH

Dual Hub System 350w/ea


105mm Rubber Wheels for shockproof

Regenerative Braking for long riding

Deck with Handle


Only 10 Miles Cruising Range