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10 Best Electric Fence Netting (for goat and sheep) in 2022

Premier 42

Premier 42" ElectroStop Plus Starter Kit - Includes White ElectroStop Plus Electric Net , Solar Fence Energizer, Wireless Fence Tester

EMaxgrow Sheep & Goat Electric Netting Kit

EMaxgrow Sheep & Goat Electric Netting Kit

Starkline Premium Electric Sheep & Goat Netting Kit- AC Energizer (9/35/8) for Backyards, Homesteaders, and Livestock Owners

Starkline Premium Electric Sheep & Goat Netting Kit- AC Energizer (9/35/8) for Backyards, Homesteaders, and Livestock Owners


There are many times in the life of a shepherd that you need to move your sheep, but how?

Walking a flock involves moving sheep in and out of an area as a group by stepping into their flight zone, which will keep them away from you.

The weather is about to change significantly so the sheep need to be in different paddocks? Maybe it's time to deworm the flock, but they're not in the barn, what now?

These are just two of the many reasons why you need to move your flock to different areas by grazing while walking.

That being said, the task of choosing the right product can quickly become confusing due to the sheer number of options. So we wanted to help you by recommending some of the best fences we've tried.

Without further ado, let’s go through the list of the best electric fence netting for sheep.

10 Best Electric Fence Electric Netting in 2022

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Premier 42" ElectroStop Plus is a nearly impenetrable mesh to sheep, goats, coyotes and dogs, when installed and energized properly.

It has 9 conductive twines. It  is advised for meat and dairy goats; flighty breeds of sheep; rams and bucks during breeding season; coyotes and athletic dogs.

ElectroStop Plus is a reliable barrier against ground-based predators such as coyotes, stray dogs and bears. Many move ElectroStop weekly—fencing the flock or herd instead of an entire pasture Because it’s so easy to install and remove (less than 10 minutes).

100 ft roll of 42" ElectroStop Plus double spike electric netting creates a 25' x 25' enclosure,                        

4 - 42" FiberTuff support post                             

Solar IntelliShock 60 fence energizer with U-Spike ground stake (combination ground rod and support stand) and wiring harness                             

5-Light Wireless Fence Tester.                                            


Features 10 horizontals strands (9 electrified) with vertical struts placed every 12"

FiberTuff Posts provide additional support around curves, corners and other major directional changes

The Solar IntelliShock 60 fence energizer will electrify 3-5 rolls of electric netting depending on soil conditions and vegetation

Use the 5-Light Wireless Fence Tester to determine if your fence system is working properly

2 year warranty for energizers and solar panels cover lightning damage and defective parts or workmanship

30-day warranty for all batteries


Acceptable levels of electric conductivity on the fence can be difficult when low soil moisture conditions are present

Can only be placed on the ground, not on stakes to receive more sunlight

The roll is only 100 feet long. I prefer 164 feet long

Bigger holes on fencing Net

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Emaxgrow is a new brand, but the quality is very reliable.

I bought it with the mentality of trying it out, and I was really pleasantly surprised when I received it. The quality of the product is very good. It can be seen that it is a brand that pays great attention to product quality.

This includes a green color netting for electric fencing, double spiked, 48″height, and 164′ long roll. It keeps your flocks safe from raccoons, coyotes, foxes, dogs, and other predators.

The U-shaped ground stakes are also available at the bottom of every post for strong standing of the electric poultry netting. For checking current, you will also get a wireless fence tester in this kit. 

This electric sheep netting kit also includes a solar-powered Emax50 fence charger with a .8J output, grounding rod, fence tester, connectors, repair kit, warning sign and all accessories you might need is a one-stop-shop for creating the perfect and safest electrified enclosure.

Emax50 Solar Fence Charger combines cutting edge 5W polysilicon solar panel that charges fast (even in low light) with High Capacity Storage for operates up to 2 weeks without sun. 12V/8AH rechargeable lead-acid battery can be used many times.

Emax50 is a high-output (0.5-joule) electric fence charger with power for up to a 30-mile perimeter of a single-wire fence or a 6-mile multi-wire fence and covers approximately 50-100 acres of land.

If you can't get a Premier 1 fence, this Emaxgrow Poultry Net Electric Fence is a great second choice.

Just like the Premier 1 pen, you can use it to build a grazing poultry enclosure for your flock.

It has similar characteristics to the Premier 1 fence, but with green strands instead of solid white.

It is double-spiked and measures 164 feet long.


Dustproof , waterproof IP55, lightning protectionto ensure reliability.

48"H 164’ L Netting: 11 horizontal strands (10 electrified).

3.Electric netting fence includes 14 preinstalled fiberglass posts with heavy-duty 6" galvanized double-spiked stakes designed to provide rigid support in any environment.

4.Emax energizer combines cutting edge 5W polysilicon solar panel that charges fast (even in low light).


It's a new brand with fewer customers using it.

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Use this versatile net to protect small and medium livestock such as: goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas and more. Whether it's building a perimeter around a bee colony, protecting new trees from deer, or providing extra security around your garden; the Starkline grid will be there to protect it.

Perfect for sheep, goats, gardens, orchards, beehives and more!

164' (L) x 35" (H) This net is big enough to make a 40' x 40' enclosure, but small enough to roll up and easily be stored away when not in use.                        

0.80J Output AC Energizer Included and Can Power up to Three 164' Premium Sheep Nets            

6 Niro Wires in the Top Strand for Constant Conductivity. You will not find netting with better resistance ratings.                             

14 Posts with Galvanized Double-Spiked Stakes make sure your fence is rigid and secure in all soil conditions.                                            

Reinforced Plastic Vertical Struts Every 7" Ensure that the Net Does Not Sag                                            


It contains fiberglass posts to keep the wires stable.

14 Posts with Galvanized Double-Spiked Stakes


The Energizer in the kit is not solar powered, and only supports AC charging.

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Powerfields electric fences are the first choice for most farmers. This can be used to protect your goats from predators, as well as to protect birds and other small animals. The mesh's small size and durability make it very popular.

The fence does not have an electrical system or equipment to ensure a good supply. You must plan to buy both separately. The extra energy provides the ultimate experience for predators. It can scare away predators such as stray dogs, coyotes, foxes and raccoons.

Ticket gates can be easily added using spring loaded connectors. However, the flexibility of the fence posts allows easy access by closing the loader and swinging the gate forward in any direction.

The network is easy to use. Installation takes less than 15 minutes, even if you are using it for the first time. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Poultry/goat netting roll measures 40" tall X 164' long with prefitted round PVC single spike post fitted every 12.5' along netting. Requires optional energizer with power of .25 Joules. Choose from many optional Powerfield energizers with power rating of .25 Joules or higher.                        

Install netting kit in 15-20 minutes. Installation manual included in every box. Components: 12 horizontal strands with 3 1/2" line spacing, 15 round PVC line posts, 19 corner/anchor stakes, 2 tie-down cords, and repair kit with brass ferules ( connectors) and polywire to keep on hand to fix breaks            

Contains family pets, sheep, goats, turkeys, pheasants, chickens and other similar sized animals - Protects your prized and valuable investment.                             

Additional energizer power will provide a more memorable experience for the would-be predators. Deters predators like stray dogs, coyotes, foxes and raccoons.                                            

Easy to construct many popular enclosure pens including; 40x40, 50x30, 20x60 or 10x70                                            


Easy to install.

Provides high voltage protection.

Built to last


The fences do not contain energizers.

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With it, you can keep all kinds of wildlife away from your chickens, including bears, raccoons, dogs, foxes, wolves, and more.

What is the biggest disadvantage of this fence? It has no power supply. It has a pretty hefty price tag and doesn't include a charger.

It's also easy to set up posts that come pre-fixed to the fence. In most cases, you can install it in 15 minutes!

It comes with pull cords with pegs to help keep the fence from sagging, and double thorn bars for extra support.

Unfortunately, you have to be wary of grass and other vegetation on the edge of the fence. When it touches a horizontal wire, it can reduce the current to a level that is practically non-existent.


You can assemble it into any shape

Lightweight, relatively easy to assemble and move

Multiple rollers can be attached to expand the range of the fence


Not sold with energizer, it would be another extra for an already expensive fence